Spider Screw

The SPIDER SCREW geometry is a result of a careful design in every single detail. In fact, the SPIDER SCREW has obtained two international patents due to its innovative characteristics: the simultaneous presence of the external and internal rectangular slots and round internal slots.

The SPIDER SCREWhas been developed to offer a number of versatile anchorage options capable of immediate loading. Immediate loading is possible because the SPIDER SCREW is a non osteointegratable implant and consequently force can be applied immediately after placement. The applied force can range from 50 to 300 grams depending on screw choice, bone quality, and the desired orthodontic movement.

The SPIDER SCREWdesign is extremely versatile, due to its small dimensions and unique design. It is easily placed in either the maxilla or mandible, even where access is limited and bone quality is less than ideal. Placement is simplified by the self-drilling feature found in the K1 and K2 systems.

The SPIDER SCREWis an anchorage device that can be used during every phase of orthodontic treatment and is suitable for symmetric or asymmetric anchorage. The SPIDER SCREWassists in the success of orthodontic treatment, both in adults and adolescents, by reducing treatment times without patient co-operation.

SPIDER SCREWis supplied clean and sterile inside a sealed polypropylene bottle. Included in the package are three removable stickers containing important information (device name, reference code, lot number, etc.) which can be applied to the patient’s record card for traceability.

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